Poster Sessions


There will be one poster session that runs from
the Icebreaker on Monday evening, through to the end of dinner on Tuesday evening.





Harpreet Batther

Geochemical and Petrographic Characterization of Barite deposits in the Devonian Slaven Chert of Nevada

CSU Chico

Ayodeji Aina

Subsurface characterization of the lower to middle Miocene Monterey Formation-equivalent strata of Long Beach Oil Field: Los Angeles Basin, CA

CSU Long Beach

Megan Mortimer-Lamb

Quantitative Compositional Characterization of the Biosiliceious Miocene Lark Formation, Danish North Sea and Norwegian Margin

CSU Long Beach

Renee Richards

Contingent Resources in the Pacific Outer Continental Shelf

Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement

Mark Korte-Nahabedian

Detrital Zircon Geochronology and Sediment Transport of the Miocene Stevens Sandstone; Characterizing Turbidite Channel and Fan Complexes of the San Joaquin Valley, California

San Diego State University

Hanah Sloan

Tracking structural changes in the Maniobra Basin to determine tectonic history and depositional setting

CSU Northridge

Michael Flowers

Pre-1977 water injection volumes from water flood and water disposal wells in Kern County, CA

CSU Sacramento

David Finney

3-D Mapping of groundwater total dissolved solids at the Midway-Sunset Oil field using borehole geophysics and historical produced water geochemistry

CSU Sacramento

Leo Giannetta

Chemostratigraphic and lithostratigraphic variability of the Eocene Kreyenhagen Formation in the Kettleman Area, San Joaquin Basin, CA

CSU Long Beach

Rachel Hohn

Assessing Remediation Efforts at the former New Idria Mercury Mine, CA

CSU Northridge

Shuvajit Bhattacharya

Application of Machine Learning and Deep Learning for Complex Fault Network Characterization on the North Slope, Alaska

University of Alaska Anchorage

David Shimabukuro

Mapping volume balance of injected and produced fluids in and around Kern County oil fields

CSU Sacramento

Walter Wornardt Jr.

High Resolution Biostratigraphy of the Philips Petroleum OSC-P-396#1 Well, Offshore Santa Maria California

Micro-Strat, Inc.



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